The Abbot's Wood Hill Suite

Abbot's Wood Hill (grid ref 223 722) is a 93m high drumlin on the Furness peninsula, overlooking the ruins of Furness Abbey in the Vale of the Deadly Nightshade.

On a clear day, the view from the summit of the hill spreads out eastwards to the Three Peaks, westward to the Isle of Man, and northwards to the fells of the Lake District

Drumlins are a feature of glacial deposition, and the landscape is sometimes described as 'a basket of eggs topography'.

The Abbot’s Wood Hill Suite is a series of snapshots, inspired by many ascents of the hill, in all seasons and in all weathers.


Track Listing

1) The Abbot's Wood Hill Suite (Prelude/Star Mist Dust Cluster/ Sunrise/Dawn   Chorus/Spring/Raindrop/Ascent from Bow Bridge/ August /Sea to the West/Sunset/Red Shift/The Faint Glow of Missing Mass   (33’10)

2) Atmosfear (6’30)

3) The Ancients   (3’53)

4) Penumbra   (3’34)

5) Infra Red   (3’00)

6) The March of the Oryctocephalus   (6’40)

7) Outro   (1’26)